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Can’t Go Home… A Storm Is Coming April 25, 2010

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Stopped in at the Hasty Market next to my place and got the usual… Haagen Dawz Cookies N Cream.  Same guy on the till, as usual.  He used to be so friendly.  I know it’s projection. 

He told me a storm is coming.  It was mid-November so from a meteorlogical point of view it was possible.  Of course I didn’t take it that way.  So I didn’t go home.  I left the HM and walked away from home.  Away from the storm.  Couldn’t be safe there.  Couldn’t be safe anywhere. 

It’s early morning.  4ish I’m guessing. 

So I’m in a park cause I think it’s safe there.  For some reason.  But morning’s coming quick and the storm, well. it’s here. 

So I walk.


One Response to “Can’t Go Home… A Storm Is Coming”

  1. LAini Says:

    Have you tried coffee HD? I wouldn’t of either but its a friends fave and rather good.

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