Sunlight Through Trees

A not so linear chronicle

Mt. Sinai April 26, 2010

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Seven days later and I’m wondering how much of this is real.  I find myself in the back of an ambulance.  A paramedic faces me and asks me obscure questions.  I answer.  She pauses for several seconds, just watching me with a deadpan expression.  It’s unnerving.  I’m frazzled.  It’s clear.  Distraught and I wonder if this belt could be any tighter.  More projection.  One big “Projection Production” with me, the Star. 

At Mt. Sinai “Emerg” and I am not so certain.  My arms outstretched, trying to feel for some piece of concrete reality, but the reality is clear, but like most air it lacks substance.  I’m scared I’m gonna walk into another wall.  Where is the Goddamn telephone?  It’s all a wild goose chase.

duck, duck, duck,

So I sit and wait and they take my blood and I hate it.  Waiting for the inevitable end which never came.  It never did. 

And each time I simply… don`t… get it.


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