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After The Police April 29, 2010

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I didn’t notice anything missing at the time.  But things were missing.  Lots of things were missing. 

Most importantly, the memory.

The police leave and I’m left bewildered.  There’s a note on the table.  It’s from one of the two guys the police thought were burglars.  They weren’t.  But they weren’t friends either.  The note tells me to come to a certain club I frequented at the time and find him.  I think to myself, the police would have seen this note. 

What were they thinking? 

Were they there? 

What wasn’t I being told?

So I take off to the club.  I’m surprisingly full of energy from having Napped? It’s dark. I’m looking for this individual to get some answers.  Why were the police in my house and what happened?  What did they do to me?  These mystery men.  These keepers of the memory I so desparately wanted to be part of.  I can’t find him.  So I dance… a lot.  Getting lost.  Staring off into space finding eyes to meet me there.  Eyes I would never really meet.  Monkeys swinging from the chandelier.  Or the army netting.  Deep down inside.

Morning comes quicker than anticipated.  I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 11.  I go. 

More bad news.


One Response to “After The Police”

  1. LAini Says:

    Oh no! I hope you are okay.

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