Sunlight Through Trees

A not so linear chronicle

Points May 27, 2010

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At my heart.

Makes me little again.

Alternative (super)imposed.

Drawn out with delight.  Closed curtains and fright.  Sleepless night.

Worries that you’ve gone too far… especially theirs.  Cares gone, spent on the trivial, the sabotagueical, the naive and unreasonable.

Railways and bushes and watering holes.

Parade of mad monsters.

Now we meet again.

With what result?



Non Stop Critical

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Non Stop Critical

Delivered or vanquised.  Somewhere in between.  Beliefs hemsprimprokettles gornoffrise solm jeezuz.  Parts of the bine fie.  Parts of the three.  Boff Boff without for free.

Weks wizard in ways beyond therm’s sparkle.  Beyond the evan of deef.  The hemprokittle jives woxen… upset the portent belief. 

Mornay undid it.  And did it did.  The dine’s one.  The tine’s one.  Rok roxen made streef.  Over western the gable and fable the one.  Beneath purly david’s… box went one box two box went three… fun.

Been dravid and drowned, swept and tangled swollen current found.  Don’t downwind.  Pray hopwind.  Soft whirlwind. 

Mine own.


Sometimes It Stops Raining May 5, 2010

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It was raining pretty hard today.  It was brilliant.  One of those cleansing kinda rains.  So needed.

I’m on my bike heading to a volunteer meeting and the rain has let up, but in my mind, I’m sure that when I get out it will be pouring.

The meeting finishes and I make that remark that I’m sure it’s pouring outside right now and the ride home won’t be as sweet.  I was already late for the meeting because the rain was too fierce.  So I go outside and wait for a friend who was also in the meeting and it’s spitting outside, about the same as when I arrived.  My friend comes out and we walk and chat and hang out for a few minutes in the park.  We are about to split and I realize it had stopped raining.  In fact it was so clear and remarkable.  I hugged my friend and said this was a good omen.

I need to realize that there are times, in life, when it stops raining.