Sunlight Through Trees

A not so linear chronicle

sparrow September 27, 2016

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drum beat heart beat

collapse a little… godspeed that tiny particle

its message clear, washed away with the everness, high tops racing

motions the shaky one, deep in the blue pool, i see you now

can’t stand that quiet space, arrow facing and blinds me, criss cross jagged

i see the walker

happens to be a friend… thanks the friend

rivals… sweats… comet jets and up dancing again, bring this definition

hooray for small justices, the grand opening… premiere

cause the waxed wizard never bled like he did that night

thought it was simple, you(r) wish

behind, get behind, safer… behind

wizard sight

sparrow nibble

depths drown out the sorrow

brave passage, invited

take my hand


policy due September 19, 2016

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walking slowly now cause every step counts
it’s the off-center way it has about itself that puts me out
has always made this from that
i giggle now… laughing behind a fallen shelf… how it all can get so disordered… revel revel
my hands tight and twisty, clawing out a foreign mark
but wouldn’t want to see that cause it ain’t right
advance the politics and night schisms, a deity in decline, i could make this hand matter
if put to the test of the aged… ages
one inside the other
a policy due