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Sometimes It Stops Raining May 5, 2010

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It was raining pretty hard today.  It was brilliant.  One of those cleansing kinda rains.  So needed.

I’m on my bike heading to a volunteer meeting and the rain has let up, but in my mind, I’m sure that when I get out it will be pouring.

The meeting finishes and I make that remark that I’m sure it’s pouring outside right now and the ride home won’t be as sweet.  I was already late for the meeting because the rain was too fierce.  So I go outside and wait for a friend who was also in the meeting and it’s spitting outside, about the same as when I arrived.  My friend comes out and we walk and chat and hang out for a few minutes in the park.  We are about to split and I realize it had stopped raining.  In fact it was so clear and remarkable.  I hugged my friend and said this was a good omen.

I need to realize that there are times, in life, when it stops raining.